Career Resources

Erb students participate in summer internships and later obtain full-time positions with corporate, non-profit, and governmental organizations. As part of an active and established network of sustainability experts, they are exposed to a wide variety of internship and job opportunities through the Erb Institute Advisory Board, Ross and/or SNRE, and their classmates. Erb students enter into a community that contains over 70 current students and over 300 alumni, a network substantially larger than any other comparable program. Many students develop their own opportunities, based on their specific interests, with the help of the expansive Erb community network.

The Erb Institute, Ross, and SNRE all provide a vast range of resources available to students in their career hunt. You may find the links below helpful your search.

Where Our Alumni Work

Our students and alumni have worked in a diverse variety of career and internship fields. View the past positions that Erbers have held and the companies that have employed them.

The Erb Career Hunt: Recommended First-Year Timeline

The Student Advising Board (SAB) worked together to compile a timeline of a sample first year at the Erb Institute. View the timeline for advice on academics, career, resume development, clubs, events, and more.

Erb Peer Coaching

Peer coaching may help reduce stress, increase time management, resolve career goals, deepen self-awareness, foster new friendships with second- and third- year Erbers, and generally increase well-being.