NextEra’s EarthEra Renewable Energy Trust

June 18, 2012

NextEra’s EarthEra Renewable Energy Trust: Marketing America’s Renewable Energy Future (pdf abstract)

Purchase the full report on NextEra Energy (Case study #1-429-232) – published 06/2012, 18 pages.
By:  Jenna Agins, Rajat Bhatia, Andrea Cunningham, Natalie George, Daniel Gonzalez-Kreisberg, and Jonathan Mattson /  Faculty Advisor, Andrew Hoffman
Description: Rick Anderson, senior director of NextEra’s Green Marketing Group, is crafting a marketing strategy to move Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) on the voluntary market by demonstrating the added value of the company’s EarthEra RECs. NextEra not only markets RECs, but also funds the construction of renewable energy projects. Anderson is seeking to expand the EarthEra program and brand. While there has been some good responses to EarthEra RECs, there have also been setbacks. Demand for RECs is decreasing. The end of federal incentives for renewable energy projects, the 2008 financial crisis, and a rejection of federal RPS legislation have depressed the market for voluntary RECs. Anderson’s challenge is to find the right strategy to expand the EarthEra REC program in the midst of these difficulties.

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Teaching Points:

  • Identify which markets NextEra should target with its EarthEra RECs.
  • Indicate the type of firms NextEra should focus on within these markets.
  • Explain which persons within these organizations should be the contact initiation points for marketing efforts.
  • Explore whether NextEra should keep a very narrow marketing focus, or cast a wider net.