Plastic Waste Recycling in Jakarta

June 13, 2012

Project: Sustainable Enterprise: Plastic Waste Recycling in Jakarta

Client: PepsiCo

Faculty Advisors: Steve Percy, Ming Xu, Laura Edinger, Rick Bunch, Tom Gladwin, Marina Whitman

Student Group Members: Tal Avrahami, Stephanie Cutts-Cheney, Yih-Wei Chien, Patrick Lord, Miguel Sossa, Taylor Samuelson

Abstract: Multinational corporations are beginning to care more and more about the indirect environmental and social consequences of their day to day operations. This project explores the nature of the post consumer plastic waste in Jakarta, Indonesia. The project team worked closely with their client, PepsiCo, a leading food and beverage company to understand the waste stream and develop appropriate Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility initiatives to be piloted in Jakarta. Ethnographic research based on participatory observation led the project team to develop two distinct initiatives. These initiatives comprise a comprehensive pilot scheme that provides an opportunity for PepsiCo to engage the trash collector (Pemulung) community in Jakarta…

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