Thought Leadership

Faculty at the Erb Institute and the University of Michigan are thought leaders on issues related to business and sustainability.
The video collage below samples short segments from presentations by Andrew Hoffman (Faculty Director), Tom  Gladwin (Faculty)  and Tom Catania (Executive in Residence) at the Erb Institute.

The Erb Institute and the University of Michigan have partnered with SkillSoft, a leading provider of online content, to create short educational videos for business practitioners.
Additional titles are available by subscription at SkillSoft; these include many titles on sustainability and leadership development.

Here is a list of videos from Erb core and affiliated faculty. Viewing times range between 1-5 minutes per title.

Ravi Anupindi: Outsourcing Issues Ravi Anupindi: Supply Chain Tiers Ravi Anupindi: Measuring Supply Performance
Ravi Anupindi: Supply Chain Risk Management Ravi Anupindi: Creating Supply Chain Action Plans Ravi Anupindi: Disaster Relief Planning
Ravi Anupindi: Make or Buy? The Boeing 787 Ravi Anupindi: Who Let Intel Inside? Ravi Anupindi: Consequences of Outsourcing Critical Functions
Ravi Anupindi:The Supply Chain Code of Conduct Ravi Anupindi: Supply Chain Auditing Ravi Anupindi: Responsibilities of Outsourcing
Peter Adriaens: How Managers Can Facilitate Innovation Peter Adriaens: Growth Through Innovation: The LimnoTech Example Peter Adriaens: Growing New Lines of Business
Peter Adriaens: Identifying Intrapreneurs Peter Adriaens: Financing Innovation: What the Money Wants Rick Bunch: Skills Needed to Solve Sustainability Problems
Peter Adriaens: Monetizing Data: Clean Tech Example Peter Adriaens: Trickle-Up (Reverse) Innovation  
Thomas Catania:Visioning the Future Thomas Catania:There’s No Right Way to Do a Wrong Thing Thomas Catania:How to Be an Effective Change Agent
Thomas Catania:Look for Opportunities to Integrate An Ethical Crossroad in the Home Appliance Industry Thomas Catania:Household Appliances as Part of a Smart Grid
Thomas Catania:New Employees Should Look Outward Tom Gladwin: Some Negative Consequences of Globalization Tom Gladwin: The Way We Think Affects Sustainability
Tom Gladwin: Leaders Should Be Systems Thinkers Tom Gladwin:Three Players Who Are Absent at Strategic Discussions Tom Gladwin: Corporate Consequences of a Finite Planet
Tom Gladwin: Climate Change Tipping Points Tom Gladwin: Companies Should Mimic Nature Tom Gladwin: Consumption Equals Happiness
Tom Gladwin:Capitalism Is for the Rich, Not the Poor Andrew Hoffman: Reactions to Energy Change Through History Examples of the Future of Energy
Andrew Hoffman: Corporate Resposibility for Social and Environmental Problems Andrew Hoffman: A Career As a Calling Andrew Hoffman: Connecting Sustainability to the Company Culture
Andrew Hoffman: Hybrid Corporations Andrew Hoffman: Hope for Sustainability Problems Andrew Hoffman: Social Acceptance of Climate Change
Andrew Hoffman: Global Warming: What to Do