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The Erb Institute Student Support Fund enables students like…

 AdamByrnes5488    Pasha
Adam Byrnes to attend the World World Economic Forum meeting in Dalian, China.  Adam was only one of two US students (the other from Wharton) chosen as a presitigious Oikos Student Reporter. Read one of the blogs: Hurtling Toward a Population of 9 Billion. More about Adam Byrnes Will Morrison and David Wang to visit small scale coffee farmers in Nicaragua to learn more about ways to improve farmer equity in coffee supply chains. More about Will Morrison and David Wang Pavel Azgaldov ​to investigate solar irrigation opportunities in Morocco as a follow-up on his 2014 summer internship ​at SunEdisonMore about Pavel Azgaldov
Help us support the practical student experiences crucial to developing successful change agents who we, as the Erb community, value. We turn away too many requests from students with great ideas.  Video profile: check out Lizzie Reisman, Erb ’14 in the Ross video at the bottom of this page: “Donor’s make scholarships possible…”

Other ways to make your contribution count…

We believe that sustainable solutions to global challenges must emerge from the marketplace. The Erb Institute works to make business a force for positive change in the world, effectively collaborating with government and civil society to build shared solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.  Your support makes our three-year dual degree MBA/MS program more affordable, funds research, increases our diversity, allows for continued engagement with our alumni, and helps strengthen our presence and reputation nationally and globally.

  • Erb scholars produce cutting-edge research that is relevant to practitioners. Support is needed for sustainable enterprise research grants, endowed chairs in business and sustainability, as well as our visiting fellows and post-doctoral programs.
  • The Institute is a source of valuable research and knowledge. We can strengthen our impact and expand our audience by amplifying our marketing and communications presence in the U.S. and around the world.
  • Our students receive the world’s best training in sustainability leadership, engaging in high-impact, action-based experience that prepares them to face today’s complex and sustainability challenges.  Funding is needed to make the three-year dual degree more affordable in a competitive environment, to encourage diversity and focus on global issues of sustainability, and enabling graduates to go into the non-profit sector or begin their own start-ups.

The Erb Institute succeeds because of the generous financial support of individuals, families, corporations and foundations. Without this support, the Institute and its programs would not exist and we would be unable to create a positive impact for our world.  Read more about our sponsors.

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