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Erb Institute alumni work all over the world and in every sector of society and maintain strong links to the Erb Institute, supporting our work by making donations, sponsoring research, collaborating on new projects, or by serving on the Institute’s External Advisory Board.

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Nina Henning

SC Johnson
Manager, Strategic Sustainability, Developing Markets
MBA/MS Program 2009

Nina has spent ten years in the field of emerging market sustainable enterprise development, primarily focused on connecting low-income producers and consumers to global markets, products and services. Based in Nairobi, Kenya, Nina focuses on low-income (BoP) sustainable business development for SC Johnson across Africa. In Ghana, Nina is driving the development of a business model that aims to create affordable access to anti-malaria consumer goods and education in rural communities - an initiative co-funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In Rwanda, Nina is the SCJ lead for Project PyRamid, a Public-Private Partnership between SCJ, USAID and the Borlaug Institute at Texas A&M University focused on improving the value of pyrethrum as a cash crop for low-income Rwandan farmers. During her time at the Erb Institute, Nina worked as a summer Portfolio Associate with the Acumen Fund in NYC (focused on the organization’s investments in renewable energy businesses in emerging markets). In addition, she was a Summer Associate with VisionSpring in Hyderabad, India, designing and implementing an impact assessment study for this nonprofit social enterprise that develops markets for reading glasses at the base of the economic pyramid. Prior to graduate school, Nina spent five years in Kathmandu, Nepal managing Wild Earth, a herbal body care company with a mission to support women’s economic development and the sustainable harvesting of Himalayan herbs. Nina earned her BA in History from Princeton University.

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Thomas Leahy

Vice President
Smart Energy Capital
MBA/MS Program 2010

Tom is interested in studying the renewable energy industry, and is particularly interested in the intersection between government policy and business strategy. Before coming to Michigan, Tom worked at NYSE Regulation, a securities industry regulator responsible for ensuring market integrity and investor protection. At the NYSE, he was an analyst in the Division of Enforcement and an associate in the Risk Assessment Unit. He also worked on Mike Bloomberg’s 2005 mayoral reelection campaign. Tom earned his undergraduate degree in Political Economy at Georgetown University; he loves competitive sports of all kinds, enjoys traveling (most recently to Morocco), and is an Admissions Ambassador for the Ross School of Business.

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Kara DavidsonResume

Account Manager
Root Inc.
MBA/MS Program 2013

Kara is interested in engaging mainstream Americans in environmental solutions, products and services. Before coming to Michigan, she worked at an environmental nonprofit, ecoAmerica, that used engagement marketing and strategic partnerships to broaden the base of support for environmental issues. Her experience there illustrated the need and opportunity to connect with people outside the traditional environmental movement. At the School of Natural Resources and Environment, she is focusing on Behavior, Education and Communication, a track, which along with her MBA coursework, is giving her the skills and competencies she needs to transform the way people think about climate.

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