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Erb Institute alumni work all over the world and in every sector of society and maintain strong links to the Erb Institute, supporting our work by making donations, sponsoring research, collaborating on new projects, or by serving on the Institute’s External Advisory Board.

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Allison Shapiro

Associate, Fixed Income Sales & Structuring
JPMorgan Chase & Co
MBA/MS Program 2012

Allison is interested in markets-based incentives for triple bottom line sustainability. An associate at J.P. Morgan in fixed income sales & structuring, she spent her years between undergraduate and graduate school as a carbon trading analyst. While at Michigan, Allison consulted to PG&E on Smart Grid VC opportunities and to the Brookings Institution on public-private strategies for green growth in emerging markets. She spent her first summer as a corporate strategy intern at Johnson Controls and her second summer at J.P. Morgan in the Finance Associate Leadership Program. Allison graduated magna cum laude from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service and serves on the NYC chapter of the Echoing Green Social Investment Council.

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Justin Felt

Global Head, Renewable Markets Strategy
Thomson Reuters
MBA/MS Program 2008

Justin is a Senior Associate at Gabel Associates. He is currently working on an assignment with the US Army in building utility-scale renewable projects on bases. Previously, he has led projects in Thomson Reuter’s efforts to develop data streams, tools, and analysis products for the global renewable power markets. Justin also managed the North American offset analysis tools at Point Carbon before its acquisition by Thomson Reuters. Justin holds an MBA/MS from the University of Michigan through the Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise. During his time in Michigan, he interned with Dow Chemical and Weyerhaeuser, performing due diligence on carbon offset projects for their respective business lines. He also co-authored the master's project entitled, "Renewables, Power, and Cost of Capital," and performed a short term consulting engagement with Waste Management Inc as part of the Ross MAP program. Prior to matriculating at University of Michigan, he held the role of corporate finance team lead in IBM's Software Group. He also acted as treasurer for the Stamford, CT chapter of Rebuilding Together. Justin holds a BA in Foreign Affairs and Economics from the University of Virginia.

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Nuyi (Flora) Tao

Technical Specialist
The World Bank
MBA/MS Program 2003

Nuyi (Flora) Tao is working at the World Bank in Washington, D.C. as a senior carbon finance specialist. A native of China, she witnessed the drastic environmental deterioration due to the rapid economic growth. She believes in smart growth model that reconciles the conflict between environmental interests and economic development and had dedicated herself to searching for a solution. Coming from traditional financial services industry; Nuyi is interested in leveraging her financial expertise to help build successful business case of sustainable development. She has special interests in sustainable energy issues. In the summer of 2001, Nuyi worked in Beijing, China for a joint project of World Resources Institute and William Davidson Institute, conducting the feasibility study of launching a new environmental program in China. She widely contacted governmental officers, environmental entrepreneurs, NGOs, and China top business school to identify potential partners and build local network for future program launching. She also worked as an intern in Finance department at the DTE Energy Company on the projects of stock repurchase and subsidiary financing policy. In the summer of 2002, Nuyi worked on business development for local community-based eco-tourism enterprises for The Nature Conservancy in Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China. In her current position with the World Bank, Nuyi is in charge of originating and executing carbon offset projects in China, India and Indonesia. Her portfolio covers renewable energy, energy efficiency and waste-to-energy technologies. Nuyi holds a B.A. in Finance from Fudan University.

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