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Erb Institute alumni work all over the world and in every sector of society and maintain strong links to the Erb Institute, supporting our work by making donations, sponsoring research, collaborating on new projects, or by serving on the Institute’s External Advisory Board.

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Brandon Marshall

Graduate Student Instructor, English
University of Michigan
MBA/MS Program 2013

Brandon is interested in understanding how things influence one another within complex systems, where synergistic potentials lie, and how processes are made more resilient, adaptive, and sustaining within that context. From ecosystems to energy and transportation infrastructure, from organizational theory and social dynamics to agriculture, his approach has been both applied and academic. Brandon sees the Erb Institute as an opportunity to continue that approach and create positive change, most importantly in his own paradigm. When not pursuing the above endeavors, he practices enjoying everything else.

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Stephanie JuddResume

Account Manager
Root Inc.
MBA/MS Program 2013

Stephanie is interested in social and environmental corporate responsibility in retail, with a particular focus on supply chain engagement in the apparel industry. She spent her first summer as Climate Corps Fellow at Belk, a regional department store based in Charlotte, NC, and identified a strategy of energy efficiency project implementation that would result in a 25% reduction in the company's carbon footprint. Her second summer was with the Environmental Defense Fund Corporate Partnerships Program on a project focused on de-speeding the supply chain in the retail sector. Stephanie started her career as a technology consultant in the private sector, but later moved to the non-profit world. She worked in Nicaragua with an organization that set up hybrid wind/solar energy systems for communities that were off the national electricity grid, and most recently worked with the Clinton Foundation to develop an effective data collection and analysis tool to be used by the Ministry of Health in Rwanda. Outside of her work, Stephanie looks for excuses to travel, dance Salsa, rock climb, eat amazing food, and design jewelry for her company, Steffi Jae Designs.

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Wesley AllredResume

Solar Leadership Program Associate
MBA/MS Program 2014

Wes is interested in how sustainable business practices and innovations in technology can be used to solve the world’s energy challenges. He is particularly interested in developing solutions that will allow emerging markets to leapfrog old, fossil fuel based energy technologies and instead use sustainable forms of energy as they build up their energy infrastructure. Before joining the Erb program, Wes worked as a consultant at Deloitte, developing business strategies and technology solutions to improve efficiency and provide access to meaningful data in client organizations. He also spent three years working in the wind industry in China, where he developed communication and data management systems for a wind turbine developer. For his first internship, Wes worked at Exelon Corporation's Nuclear Finance Capital Planning group, where he provided financial evaluations and recommendations for over $150MM of electricity generation projects. Most recently, Wes interned at SunEdision in the Distributed Generation Commercial Operations group, providing strategic analysis on the firm's product offering and developed a market-entry strategy for a new target customer segment. Wes studied at Northwestern University and received a BS in Computer Engineering. In his free time, Wes enjoys traveling, hiking, cooking, studying Chinese, and watching basketball.

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